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Mertek S1

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Surfboard Information
Class: Electric jet boards
Minimal driver age: 14
Skill level: Beginners
Fuel: Electric
Dimensions: L: 230 cm x W: 76 cm x H:10 cm
Max speed: 26 Km/h
Max weight: 90
Description: Mertek S1 is inflatable and foldable, which makes it not only easy to move around but also less prone to damage. Folded, the Mertek S1 can go down to around 1/3 of the full size – you can store up to four or five even in a smaller yacht trunk!
Additional information
Batery light inidcator
Inflatable & foldable
Kill Switch (Hombre al agua)
Max. 1 hour or however long the battery lasts

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Jetboard Málaga ® 2019 -Juan Monea - CIF X3743819V